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[ mood | confused ]

Really. I confuse myself.
A lot.

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Decemberists and Loch Lomond @ the Moore [11/30/08]
[ mood | loved ]

I just got back from an amazing show. Loch Lomond opened for the Decemberists, and I was like "Hmm, never heard of these guys before... What are they doi---- OH MY GOD MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED." Essentially. They're apparently "completely unknown" and from somewhere very close to Portland, Oregon-- which is the hometown of the Decemberists, of course. For those of you who really don't want to hear a fangirl's rambling.Collapse )

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Eagle Trip Journal Nonsense [11/17/08]
[ mood | productive ]

For those of you so interested, I've added four or so more entries for your reading pleasure. Only thirteen more to type up- what a fateful number! Enjoy, I suppose. Now, I sleep.

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Rally against Prop 8 [11/15/08]
[ mood | happy ]

So, yes, I realize I suck at keeping this thing updated, and finishing my previous Eagle entries(they'll get there). However, today deserves an entry, for we have done something unbelievably powerful today.

Along with Jayk and Theo, I attended Seattle's Rally Against Prop 8, starting in Volunteer Park.
Tell me more?Collapse )

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So basically [10/13/08]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm going to sit here and type up all of the actual written journal entries I wrote while on the Eagle, and then post date them.



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Aboard the USCGC Eagle: Day 8 [08/31/08]
August 31, 2008
Day 8

I am so very, very lucky. Watching the waves crash against the bow of the ship, and the marvelous robin egg blue color of the water just under the surface of the white froth, I realized this.

Ooh, this is a long one.Collapse )
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Aboard the USCGC Eagle: Day 7 [08/30/08]
August 30, 2008
Day 7

I've decided that I don't like holiday routines. For the first part of the day, we had field day. Chloe, Bridget and I had the additional duty of cleaning the wardroom. It did mean, however, we got to look at the captain's lounge, and see some really cool artwork of the Eagle.

Lobster field day.Collapse )
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Aboard the USCGC Eagle: Day 6 [08/29/08]
August 29, 2008
Day 6

I wonder if we have tomorrow to memorize lines as well. Daniel has mandated that we memorize all the running rigging, and I doubt I have a quarter of it done yet. This is supposed to all be done by the first week. Oh well, I'll get as many down as I can, but I'd sort of counted on being able to sail to help learn the lines.

Of bad jokes and editor's notesCollapse )
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Aboard the USCGC Eagle: Day 5 [08/28/08]
August 28, 2008
Day 5

Tonight I start by lamenting my lack of climbing today. I spent so much time on my ditty bag today, there wasn't time for anything else. On a positive note, I now have a fancy looking cylinder and I've started to sew the bottom on.

Nothing quite so as flowery as the embroidery on the rucksack which the postal man carried on his shoulder day in and day out, heavily battered and lightly greyed.Collapse )
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Aboard the USCGC Eagle: Day 4 [08/27/08]
August 27, 2008
Day 4

I come to you tonight, slightly worse for the wear. Even for me, my range of emotions has been-- to say the least-- impressive. A color palette, if you will. I have been grumpy, depressed, thrilled, amazed, worried and seriously pissed off in only a mere 24 hours. Apparently, I do work fast.
Only in 24 hours, you say?Collapse )
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Aboard the USCGC Eagle: Day 3 [08/26/08]
[ mood | accomplished ]

August 26, 2008
Day 3

The third day has come and gone, and I am learning very quickly that reading and writing in our racks is not very comfortable. But I keep doing so anyway.

Read more...Collapse )
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Aboard the USCGC Eagle: Day 2 [08/25/08]
[ mood | accomplished ]

August 22, 2008
Day 2

Surprise, surprise-- We all live to see another entry. Today, the Eagle departed from San Diego, and as I sit, I lean against a pole to further secure myself from the ocean's "gentle" rocking.

Yay, more text!Collapse )
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Aboard the USCGC Eagle: Day 1 [08/21/08]
[ mood | accomplished ]

August 21, 2008
Day 1

As Chloe has just said, "We've seen both sunrise and sunset. That shouldn't happen." Surely, this is a sign that we've been awake for too long, but here we sit, gossiping and writing. We muse about the memories of today and wonder what awaits us tomorrow.

Oops, forgot to cutttttt...!Collapse )
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HOLY SHIT (Also, gone for like a month, mmkay?) [06/21/08]
I drove, and I didn't kill us! On a long, winding path on a dark and ill-lit night...Collapse )
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Life. [05/08/08]
[ mood | frustrated ]

So basically, guys, I fail at romance and at love. I'm crushing on this guy I've been friends with for like eight months, and it's completely and totally hopeless. I'm being pretty obvious, (I think) and I don't know what else to do. But, I don't want to actually ask him out in case he doesn't like me, and then completely ruin the friendship we had.


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Hey Guys. [04/28/08]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I'll post a real entry soon, but, this comes first.
Not friends-locked for your viewing pleasureCollapse )

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Writer's block [04/13/08]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So guys, I'm depressed. I miss writing. Alot. I know, I know. "Why don't you write then?" I've tried, trust me. Oh have I tried. But it just doesn't seem to be working. I haven't really written anything since July. Of last year. That's like nine months. From forth the magic fountain pen, ink flows not.Collapse )

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[ mood | sore ]

So, I haven't posted in a while. The main reason surrounding that is that I've been preparing for Sakura Con. My cosplays were both kiind of done last minute, as I am a lazy bitch person. As in day before the day they were supposed to be played last minute. But whatever, it was fun. Let me give a review/recap.Collapse )
By the way guys, the recap consists of 2044 words, so be prepared to read a while. And this is the condensed version.

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[ mood | tired ]

Too lazy to write about other stuff. Here's something I wrote because it seemed like a good idea at 6am. I'm going to go consider sleep now.

Will I find a potion to make me bigger? Or will it just be poison to rush through my veins?

Neither it seems. There is metal beneath me, and bright lights beat against my closed eyelids. Afraid to even breathe, I wait. Just then, I notice, I cannot hear. Or is that there is nothing for me to listen to.

Anxiety consumes me-- Yet, ever am I curious. Am I to open my eyes and find nothing to see? What of the horrors or splendors laid out for my own eyes to explore? Will they simply disappear because I believe it so?

You overthink things, it has been said and it is true. Eyelashes separate, and I try to still my tongue. "What of the White Rabbit? Of the Cheshire cat, the giant mushroom, of Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee?" Glazed eyes do stare back at me, not unlike reality. Where is my own Wonderland? Where are my own dreans?

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Fangirls (or fanguys as the case may be) [02/16/08]
[ mood | angry ]

Am I the only one who actually plays on both sides of the fence for this argument? I mean, I'm actually really hypocritical, as I claim to hate fan girls with a passion, but I'm kind of a fan girl myself at the same time. I love certain bands to pieces, and I love their music, and I've definitely done the whole refer to each band member as "[insert name here]-sama!" I'm just ranting (again)Collapse )

TL;DR VERSION: Just because your fav. band's vocalist(or whatever) is of your gender of romantic interest, it shouldn't automatically transform your enthusiasm into "OMG HE IS SO FUCKING HOT. HE IS MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE!!!!!!!11"

Now for something completely different... It's a nice and sunny day out, and it's really surprising.

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